Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance course

Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

-3-day interactive training course to taking pro-active measures based on advanced data analytics to predict and avoid machine failure

About the Course

The amount of data we have today, and the ease of access allows us to utilize this data in ways that were not previously possible. One of these ways is to optimize our maintenance activities through analyzing our predictive and preventive maintenance activity data.

Identifying failures through communicating with our industrial machines has now become easier than ever, this allows us the opportunity to determine failure patterns and their progression over time, finding root causes of failures in a more reliable and easier fashion and better defining failure rates of equipment and components allowing a more optimized range of activities.

It is well documented that the earlier we detect issues the better opportunity we have at not allowing them to reach terminal or catastrophic failure points and the better we can plan for outages to replace or repair these issues. This is becoming more accurate and simpler to do using analytics for predictive and preventive maintenance activities.

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