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Policies for all our websites, eNewsletters, email marketing and other digital interactions are contained herein.


Privacy and Policy Statement

This privacy statement is to demonstrate our commitment to full disclosure of the information collection and use practices applicable to this website and our digital products. This privacy statement discloses what information we collect via this website, our email, eNewsletters and other digital touch points and how we use it.

The Purpose for Collecting and Using Your Information

Asset IQ is collecting and may process your personal data for a variety of reasons related to our business and our ability to deliver the best possible products, customer support service and overall user experience. Accordingly, we may use your personal data to administer research surveys, to accurately deliver contracted services, to register you for events, to understand your preferences and to detect and prevent any fraudulent or unauthorized activities. Please refer to Asset IQ’s Privacy and Security Policy, which is available here, for more information regarding our collection and processing of your personal data.

What We Collect

In general, you may visit this website without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information.

Personal Information: name, job title, company, physical mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number, association affiliations, content and product interests, job responsibilities, purchasing intentions, digital behaviors

Financial Information: if applicable, financial information such as your credit card information

When you browse our websites or use our emails, we collect the IP address of your computer, your device information and click data (information that site users generate as they move from page to page and click on items) and this data is aggregated with usage data from all users. We also collect the type of information you engage with and your actions to provide you with more pertinent advertising messages and enhance our products to better serve our audience.

Some of our email, website, webcast, trade show/conferences, print and other products require you to give us personally-identifiable information. If you communicate with us by e-mail, post messages to any of our chat groups, bulletin boards or forums, or otherwise complete online forms, surveys or contest entries, any information provided in such communications may be collected as Personal Information.

Information on Children

As a business-to-business company, we do not knowingly collect information from children. On-line registration and website usage is restricted to adults who are professionally engaged in the businesses we serve.


How Your Data Will Be Used and What It Will Be Used For?

Financial Information
If you submit Financial Information, we only use that information to verify your credit and collect payments for your purchases, orders, registrations, etc. We do not keep or store your credit card information after the purchase.

Personal Information
If you elect to provide us Personal Information, we use it primarily to deliver the service you requested.

Used to mail you print subscriptions or mail you trade show/conference and educational event updates;

Used to contact you about your subscriptions, registrations or attendance at our events;

Used to market trade shows, education, certifications, products and services to you, to get more relevant marketing in front of you, to enhance our products by better understanding how you react or engage with our products;

Used in aggregate to communicate to our sponsors or advertisers about the nature of the audience they would be marketing to;

Used for our email list rental/email list marketing;

Used for third-party reporting to help our customers know who they are advertising to, who has engaged with their advertising and who should be contacted for followup.

Some Asset IQ products are designed to connect you with a third party or help you get relevant third-party marketing related to actions you have taken.

For those products we may share your Personal Information with the third-party to make that happen.

If you register for a webcast we share your personal information, including email, with our sponsors represented in the webcast so they can follow up with you after the event.

If you click on certain email links we may share your personal information, including email with the represented advertiser(s) so they can follow up with you related to the interest you indicated by clicking.

If you filled out a website form we may share your personal information, including email with the represented advertiser(s) so they can follow up with you related to the interest you indicated by submitting the form.

If you registered for a trade show or conference we may share your personal information with exhibitors or sponsors to help them determine if our event provides them with a relevant audience and so they can follow up with you after the event.

If you had an exhibitor scan your badge at one of our events we may share your personal information, including email with the exhibitor so they can follow up with you after the event.


Information Sharing

We share your Personal Information with Asset IQ affiliates and partners and third parties. We rent lists compiled from the Personal Information (including e-mail addresses) gathered from this website, our print publications, trade shows/events or other products we offer.

Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, we will keep your Personal Information and your Financial Information private and will not share it with third parties. However, we reserve the right to release information about visitors, including Personal Information and Financial Information, when release is required to comply with the law, to enforce our Terms of Service, or to protect the rights, property or safety of this website, the public or Asset Intelligence Corp. On certain Asset IQ websites, when you register for Educational Webinars/Continuing Education, we collect personally-identifiable information from you. This information is required to be collected by, and is shared with, the relevant accreditation bodies. Our Editorial, Education and Customer Support Staff also have access to this information, including evaluation forms and participant information. This information is used in assessing educational needs and in planning marketing activities. Some Asset IQ products are designed to connect you with a third party or help you get relevant third-party marketing related to actions you have taken. For those products we may share your Personal Information with the third-party to make that happen. We reserve the right to use this information as otherwise permitted in this Privacy Policy.

Aggregated information

We sometimes provide aggregated usage or tracking information collected from this website to third parties.

Third Party and Affiliated Links

Our websites contain links to external websites including suppliers, advertisers and affiliates. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, the content of, or information gathered by, these other websites. We do not endorse any of these websites or the products or services associated with such websites merely because they are linked to our website.


A “cookie” is a string of data sent by a website to a user that is inserted in a file of the web browser of the user visiting the site. AssetIQ uses temporary, session-specific cookies to ensure visits to its website are smooth and customized for the visitor. Such cookies allow us to provide a visitor’s browser with information tailored to the visitor’s preferences and needs. Asset IQ also uses permanent or persistent cookies that remain on a visitor’s computer after the visitor leaves a Asset IQ website.

If you do not want your browser to accept cookies, you can turn off the cookie acceptance option in the browser’s settings. However, disabling the cookie support function of the browser will prevent our website from functioning properly and you may not be able to use fully all of the site’s features and information and will in most cases be forced to re-register every time you visit the site.

We use advertising companies to develop banner ads for our website. These ads may contain cookies. These companies collect cookies sent to your browser through the banner ads and we do not have control of, or access to, this data.

We also use Google Analytics, Facebook and additional third-party re-marketing code. This allows us to stay engaged with our target audience who have previously visited our website and show you relevant ads across the web or when you search on Google.

Security and Encryption

This website takes commercially reasonable precautions to protect your information. We use SSL encryption technology on the portions of our website that accept Financial Information and we use a secure server to encrypt Financial Information transmitted between your browser and our server. As a result, data you submit to our website, such as credit card and payment information, is transmitted securely over the Internet.

How you can Control Your Information

Visitors to this website can decide whether they want to receive targeted promotional information from Asset Intelligence Corporation. On the email management page, visitors can choose to request Asset IQ not to e-mail them. Should visitors accept promotional email from Asset Intelligence Corp., any email they receive will include instructions on how to be removed from any or all of Asset Intelligence Corp’s promotional email lists.

Users can also contact us via email at:  and ask us to stop emailing them or have their information removed from our database.



Asset Intelligence Corporation may buy or sell various assets. In the event that we sell some or all of our assets, or our site is acquired by another company, information about our visitors, including Personal Information and Financial Information, may be among the transferred assets.

Whenever you voluntarily make your personal information available for viewing by third parties online – for example in chat rooms or on message boards – Asset Intelligence Corp.  has no ability or obligation to prevent third-party access to such information and Asset Intelligence Corp.  undertakes no responsibility to keep such information private.

Notification of Changes

Asset Intelligence Corp. reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to add to, change, update or modify this privacy policy, simply by posting such change, update or modification on the website. Any such change, update or modification will be effective immediately upon posting on the website.


Asset Intelligence Corp. is committed to providing an educational opportunity for all persons and admits participants of any race, color, gender, sexual preference, age, non-disqualifying handicap, religion or creed, or national or ethnic origin.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above addresses or phone number.

Event & Tradeshow Policies:

General Policies

No one under 18 is allowed in the sessions, expo hall or receptions

Badges must be worn at all times

Photography or video production of exhibitors’ booth and products displayed therein without verbal authorization from the exhibitor is strictly prohibited

By attending, you consent to the use of your image by Show Management and their partners without charge or obligation

Briefcases, toolboxes, boxes and bags are subject to inspection

Soliciting by non-exhibitors at the event is prohibited (Suit-casing Policy)

Your Acceptance of these Terms

By using our website, products or services, you signify your acceptance of the terms of the Asset Intelligence Corp Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of the Asset Intelligence Corp.’s Privacy Policy, please do not use the website, products and/or services and exit the site immediately.


Revised April 8, 2019


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